Psychometric assessments are valuable tools that provide insights into personality, strengths and behaviour preferences. They can prove to be a great way in assisting people in their personal and professional development.

Psychometric Assessment Testing

Psychometric assessments can assess predicted behaviour in different circumstances and develop individuals. They are used for a number of purposes, including: recruitment and selection; personal, team, management and leadership development; and, career management.

Where personality and style become more important to the organisation, for instance amongst leaders and managers, the ability to select the right individual to a role or develop them is vital.

Psychometric assessments help an individual reach a greater awareness of their self and others, which enables:

Psychometric assessment testing benefitsBetter career choices

Psychometric assessment testing benefitsBetter recruitment selection decisions

Psychometric assessment testing benefitsBetter working relationships

Psychometric assessment testing benefitsIdentification of unseen personality obstacles

Psychometric assessment testing benefitsMore considered management of employees

Alison Price is a Chartered Psychologist and an Occupational Psychologist with expertise in applying psychometric assessments and has the required qualifications to administer a number of psychometric tests.

Alison has delivered psychometric for individuals and a number of prestigious organisations in London and Surrey, including the following personality tests:

Test User: Occupational testing training course

Alison is authorised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to offer a training course for people who want to qualify in delivering psychometrics. Completion of the combined Test User: Occupational, Ability and Personality course (previously called ‘BPS Level A and B training’) will allow HR personnel or consultants to deliver ability and certain personality psychometric tests within their organisations.

The combined Test User: Occupational, Ability and Test User: Occupational, Personality course enables delegates to obtain three much sought-after British Psychological Society (BPS) qualifications: Assistant Test User; Test User: Occupational, Ability, and Test User: Occupational, Personality. These BPS qualifications are aligned with the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) standards and upon completion of this course you will be eligible to apply for a Euro Test User Certificate.

The course will also provide delegates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct occupational testing fairly and effectively within organisations. By combining both the Ability and Personality elements into a single course, delegates are able to obtain a more thorough grounding in the theory and application of psychological assessment as a whole. This approach saves time by avoiding the duplication that occurs when the two parts are studied separately. It also means that our combined training course provides exceptional value for money.

Booking psychometric tests or test user training

If you are looking to benefit from the use of psychometric assessments, or to qualify with the BPS to deliver ability and personality psychometric tests, then please use the Contact form to reach Alison.